Volcano of Colima

The volcano of Colima: great attractive ecotourism of Mexico

If your thing is ecotourism or you would like to circulate more in the natural areas of Mexico, knowing the Colima volcano should be on your list of places to visit as you will undoubtedly find activities and spectacular landscapes. It is a natural area that you should not miss and that will give you an experience that will shake each one of your senses.

In the limits of Jalisco and Colima are the volcano of Colima - also called Volcán de Fuego - and the Nevado de Colima , so a trip to this side of the country will be doubly rewarding and there is no doubt that the result of the experience will be memorable.

The best and most attractive way to explore both natural areas will be arriving from the city of Colima, one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country, so your route to the Colima volcano will have greater facilities and you will also have the opportunity to know the population of Atentique, the El Playón area and other attractions

The first thing will be to plan your trip and, before any matter, make sure you find accommodation to rest from the no doubt tired and sensational excursion. There are no worries that should occupy your head because Wyndham Garden offers you the best option of Colima hotels in an excellent location in the center of the city and with easy access to the airport, we also give you tips for your day.

Since you have one of our comfortable rooms insured, be sure to pack comfortable and warm clothes, hiking shoes, and do not forget your camera, or have enough charge in your mobile phone because it will be impossible not to want to capture the landscapes that you will see during your journey.

You can settle into our hotel upon arrival in the city, rest and enjoy the view of the Colima volcano from your window, we assure you that in this way you do not want to wait any longer to go out and know what it is to take a walk through the natural attractions that there are their surroundings and on their way to the top.

You will know that of these two volcanoes the Nevado de Colima is inactive while the Colima volcano still has fumaroles, but do not worry because there are alerts in case there is any danger and currently the activity is very low. Between the tops of these two there is a distance of 9 km and it is the Nevado de Colima which has the highest height of the two. The landscapes from the heights of both, are impressive.

If your idea is to know the volcano of Colima , the best time to visit it is from November to March. On your way there you will find several restaurants at the foot of the road and craft shops that will tell you about the culture and traditions of the surroundings. In the same way due to its proximity you can visit the magical town of Comala and the gastronomic corridor of rural kitchens.

Nevado de Colima

The attractions of the Colima volcano include a great variety of flora and fauna and the bird species that fly over it, since Colima has almost 400 bird species, of which 48 are endemic. And if you also want to fly over the volcanoes, it is totally possible because you can access the attraction of flying in a hot air balloon over those craters.

One of the options to know the Colima volcano and that takes you to discover another attraction of the area is arriving at La Yerbabuena, a community that is inside the Nevado de Colima National Park and located 6 kilometers from the volcano and that at the same time, it is one of the most important coffee zones in the region.

When visiting the Nevado de Colima you will find deep ravines and forests composed of pine, oak and oyamel trees, and where reptiles, hawks, pumas, armadillos and other animals live. The weather is usually pleasant for excursions throughout the year except in winter when it is covered in snow, however, at a distance it gives a beautiful image.

El Nevado is ideal for excursions, picnics and even European climbers and mountaineers are frequent visitors, as in the Colima volcano that usually receives up to two thousand people per week in spring and summer holiday seasons because nobody wants to get lost the great natural attraction it offers.

It will be tiring to spend a day or two of excursions but it will be worth it when you enjoy the view of the volcano of Colima from the room of your hotel and relax in the Wyndham Garden facilities that have the highest comfort of the hotels in Colima. The next day you can enjoy the pool, enjoy the cocktails of our bar and the variety of foods that we offer. After an exhausting day, it will be better to arrive at a place to rest and enjoy.

Every year the Wyndham Garden Hotel receives tourists with the objective of knowing the volcano of Colima and the Nevado, and with great pleasure we offer recommendations for the tour. As well as we receive business travelers who enjoy the opportunity to appreciate it from our facilities in the different illuminations of the day.

If you have plans to visit Colima and its different attractions, you will not have to hesitate about which is the ideal hotel to stay since we guarantee that whatever your experience Outside our facilities, we complete it with a flourish and the best services for your comfort and rest.